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What can I do on a friend's farm?

For each friend from your list, 5 units of special energy are given daily. It works exactly like ordinary energy. And it can be bought for gold coins.

At the friend’s farm, all the heroes perform the same actions.


  • watering, weeding, disinfection, fertilizer, collecting all plants
  • column water collection

Jennifer's husband:

  • column water collection
  • cleaning the area from grass, stones, and stumps


  • filling drinkers and feeders in animal pens
  • collection of products from animals other than fish
  • corral and pond cleaning


  • repairing fences in animal pens

The next time your friend enters his game, he will be asked to see who made what changes on his farm. After that, there is an opportunity to accept or refuse help

Note! If you fill drinkers and feeders in pens, water and feed are wasted from your Barn.

You can also send your friend the elements of the collections that he/she needs. This is described in more detail in this article.

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