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What animals are in the game?

All animals live in special pens. Grandmother takes care of them. It fills drinking bowls, feeders, removes dirt and collects products (eggs, milk, wool).

All pens can be improved to accommodate more animals.

You can also upgrade the feeders and drinkers

Hen house

All birds can be found in the Hen house. From each bird you can get the corresponding eggs - these are different products in the Barn.


  • chicken
  • geese
  • turkeys
  • ostriches

Sheep pen

The following animals live in this pen:

  • brown sheep gives a brown coat
  • white sheep gives a white coat
  • goat gives goat milk
  • alpaca gives a gray coat

Cow enclosure

There may be different cows in this pen. All of them give one product - milk.

  • the cow gives 4 milk
  • colored cow gives 5 milk
  • brown cow gives 7 milk
  • buffalo gives 10 milk

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