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How does the order map work?

Stations and Map

To open the map, you need to build special stations:

  • bus station

  • railway station

  • riverside station

To open the map, press on any of the stations or on a special button in the lower left corner of the screen.

After the construction is finished, each of the stations unlocks one town on the map. As you level up, you can upgrade the buildings of your stations. This will unlock even more towns.


There are two products in each order. Two numbers are indicated next to each of them - the quantity in stock at the storage/the quantity required for the order.
The time to complete the order is limited. The remaining time is indicated under the portrait of the customer.
You can view the reward at the bottom of the order window - experience points, silver and keys.

You can check on the delivery process after the order has been sent. To do this, press on the town where your means of transportation is heading. The timer indicates the time when you will be able to collect the reward. You can also instantly speed up delivery in exchange for gold coins. For some orders, acceleration is available in exchange for watching ads.

Keys and Chests

You receive special keys for each order. You can get from 1 to 4 keys at a time. You can also get 1 key for watching a short ad in the special town - Movieville.

At the bottom of the map, there are Chests with resources for construction, finished products, plants, energy, and bonuses. Press on the Chest to see what goods are inside.
There is a special scale under the chests. You can track how many keys you have and how many are needed to unlock the next chest. This scale is reset every 7 days. You can keep track of the remaining time on the left side of the Chests menu.

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