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What plants are in the game?

Plants need to be planted on free patches. There are two types of patches:

  • ordinary
  • with hydroponics

On a patch with hydroponics, saplings do not dry out.

Important! Bushes and trees do not bear fruit forever in these beds and will dry out after several cycles.

In the description of each plant there are several points:

  • income from the sale of one ripened plant/berry/fruit
  • ripening time
  • drying time for saplings
  • crop for bushes and trees - the number of fruits/berries after one cycle of ripening of a bush or tree
  • yields for bushes and trees - the number of ripening cycles
  • planting experience points


These plants ripen once. If you do not have time to collect the ripened plant in time, it will dry out. After that, you can "revive" the entire dried crop for gold coins or for watching ads.

Saplings bought for gold coins do not dry out.


These plants yield berries several times. After the last harvest, the plant dries up and needs to be removed. Bushes dry in hydroponic patches too.
Bushes for gold coins yield fruit more times.


Trees yield fruits or nuts more than 10 times, after which they dry out and need to be removed. These plants will also dry out in hydroponic patches after all ripening cycles.
Trees for gold coins yield fruits or nuts more often.

Planting and caring

Jane deals with plants. To plant, click on any empty patch and select the desired tab Saplings, Bushes or Trees.
Care for plant:

  • water at 1 minute after planting
  • weed at 15 minutes after watering
  • disinfect after weeding (depends on the time to ripen)
  • fertilize after disinfection (depends on the time to ripen)
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