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What is the Barn?

The Barn is a large building next to the railway. This is where all finished products and goods, resources for construction, buckets of water, Realorics (blue jars), and collected bonuses are stored. It is also a warehouse for storing decor and some buildings.

Bonuses Tab

Displays the speed, experience, and luck bonuses that you found, as well as Realores.

Products Tab

In this tab, you can find all the plants, goods and products that you have produced on the farm. You can also sell them here for silver coins.

Resources Tab

Here you can find all the construction resources and buckets of water. You can view the quantity of them above the Barn building.

Storage Tab

In this tab, you can find the decor and buildings that you have moved to the storage. You can also sell them here. Storage space is limited. If you need to move more decor there, additional slots can be purchased for gold coins.

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